Nicole's Brain
What will I think of next?
 I came on the Houston art scene, via art cars, in 1991 after meeting Bryan Taylor.
(Before that my sock drawer was in order, my files were straight and I hung out at the mall and in night clubs. ) Basically, he saved me from a life I didn't know I actually wanted saving from!
I am a native Houstonian - born, raised and have lived here my whole life. I hadn't seen much of it till Bryan came along. He certainly is the George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life) of Houston!
I created The Cat's Meow in 1994.  She was my first art car, all hand painted my me and my Mother, Patty Eppes. I was an artist on The Symbolic Garden, Debbi Macuipa's art truck, in the mid 90's, painting vines and leaves with a group of awesome women. Jeffery Jerome, The Memorial Pig Car, was created in the 90's as well with Bryan Taylor. I was on the Recruitment Committe for the World Famous Houston Orange Show Art Car Parade in 1991, 1992, chaired the committe 1993 and 1994, then chaired the Parade itself in 1995 and 1996. Somewhere in there I took on the task of being the Treasurer of the Houston Art Car Klub! Basically we pass the hat and I hold the money. ;)  As far as art cars go, I think creating one is part meditation and part therapy.  My inspirations for my art cars come to me in my dreams.  I was a daily art car driver for over 16 years until recently.  I miss it and plan to turn a brand new car into an art car soon!  Twinkle Twinkle Little Car came along for me in 2001. I'd been wanting to make another art car but I wanted something more 3d this time.  Incredibly time consuming, very original as its appearance morphed over the years, she was a fabulous art car.  In 2005 I was the artist that fueled the creation of the Black Widow Art Car.  In 2007 I created my most recent art car, Shattered Vanity, which I still have today.  A picture of her will be on exhibit in the Henry Ford Museum for the next 15-20 years starting January 2012.   I am  the owner and rider of a 2000 BMW R1200C motorcycle - one of the most wonderful experiences a person can have!    Between making art cars, I created other art when I felt the urge, probably as a release from life's daily grind.  Some of that art can be seen on this site. 
The most important turning point in my life came from art cars. Art cars have changed my life.... or I changed my life by deciding to take on the art car lifestyle . Regardless, it's been a great ride. I've met many people who make art cars too. I've watched other people's lives change from making an art car and embracing the life and the awesome, unusual and unique people that are involved in it.  And being an art car artist is an inspirational bouncing board into other artistic creations.  I was quoted in a newspaper as saying, "Sane people leave us alone cuz they think we're crazy, and crazy people leave us alone cuz they think we're one of them." Maybe that's true, I'm not sure. What I do know is that it's what we do in life that makes life extraordinary.
When I was a child thinking about being a grown up, I never envisioned the life I've lead. That's a good thing. It sure would have spoiled the surprise. Certainly being in the medical field, seeing injured, ill or terminal people all day long has contributed to my need for the escape you see on these pages. It sure beats just bitchin' about everything, doncha think?