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The Cat's Meow
This is my very first art car.  Inspiration came during a trip to St. Louis for Mardi Gras in 1994.  Ripper the Friendly Shark was trailered there for the parade.  Tom Kennedy, Shelley Buschur, Debbi Maciupa, J Elliot, Bryan Taylor and I drove thru the worst ice storm of the century to get there.  24 hours up, 24 hours there, 20 hours home.  I rode in their "daily drivers" while there, and knew I HAD to do this when I got back home.  I drove Lucy Harvey's art car, Pom Pom, in their Mardi Gras Parade.  Just like us, St. Louis has their own contingent of artists who make art cars.  If you are ever in St. Louis, find the Venice Cafe on Pestolozzi Street.  You'll never forget the place - tile, mirror, stained glass covered walls, floors and ceilings on every level - simply amazing.  I came home and designed my very first art car.  My mother helped me paint her.  We had a BLAST! 
  1. In the beginning
    In the beginning
    Wet sanded the clear coat off by hand. Debbi Maciupa helped. A few years later I helped paint vines and leaves all over her truck, The Symbolic Garden.
  2. Wow, Cat's Meow!
    Wow, Cat's Meow!
    Brand new paint job. It gets a big alteration as the years pass.
  3. Jeffery Jerome the Memorial Pig Car and The Cat's Meow
    Jeffery Jerome the Memorial Pig Car and The Cat's Meow
    Bryan Taylor's 2nd art car - he and I created it under a carport of a townhouse we lived in.
  4. New paint job on hood and drivers door.
    New paint job on hood and drivers door.
    This is how she stayed till her death in Tropical Storm Allison.
  5. Glitter window tint!
    Glitter window tint!
    Gotta have glitter window tint!It was so cool inside with all that glitter tint twinkling!
  6. Mom helped!
    Mom helped!
    Mom hadn't painted in about 20 years. I gave her a glass of wine and she just went to town!
  7. Painting ... painting ... it always takes longer ....
    Painting ... painting ... it always takes longer ....
    I used an earplug and ran dots along the fender that flared out in different colors as I went.
  8. I'm famous ...
    I'm famous ...
    Photo shoot for a book that Marilyn Root wrote about women and the relationships they had with their cars.
  9. Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade
    My ex-hubby, David, waving to the crowd. The Klub was banned from this parade for misbehaving the following year - A santa hat "accidently" popped off the breast on top of Shelley Buschur's Planet Karmen. Oh well, those types of things happen sometimes! ;)